Dental Emergency Haverhill MA | Tooth Pain

Dental Emergency Haverhill MA | If you notice tooth pain or damage, you may have a dental emergency. Contact us right away as your situation could be of the following:

  • Abscessed tooth
  • Tooth fracture
  • Damaged dental fillings/crowns
  • Avulsed tooth

Tooth Fracture

Dental Emergency Haverhill MA | If you suffered an injury resulting in a damaged tooth, call us. Correcting a damaged tooth can seem more cosmetic but it also prevents bacteria from colonizing inside the tooth. A minor fracture can be easily corrected with composite-resin material. Moderate fractures that include pulp damage may need a root canal and crown to preserve the tooth. Sever fractures, however, may need tooth extraction and a teeth replacement solution.

Damaged Dental Fillings/Crowns

Damaged dental work can be painful and lead to infection if not corrected right away. Contact us if you notice a change in your dental filling or crown. It could be an emergency.

Avulsed Tooth

An avulsed or knocked out tooth can happen as a result of injury. Contact us if this happens and bring the tooth if possible. Avoid touching the root and place the tooth in water or milk to preserve it. We will attempt to save the tooth and reinsert it. If the tooth is not able to be saved, we will discuss other options for teeth replacement.

What if my tooth becomes loose?

Attempt to gently reposition the tooth in the socket. Refrain from talking or moving your mouth until you arrive at our office.

Dental emergencies are unforeseeable but you can help prevent them. Maintain good dental hygiene and wear mouth guards in contact sports. Always contact us with any dental concerns. It could be a dental emergency Haverhill MA. Contact us today. Call (978) 373-1231

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