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Teeth Replacement Haverhill MA | Patients with one or more adjacent missing teeth may benefit from dental bridges. This teeth replacement solution uses dental crowns at each end with a pontic (s) in the middle. Patients benefit from dental bridges by improving their speaking and chewing ability. Dental bridges also help to redefine a patient’s face as missing teeth can cause sunken cheeks. Replacing missing teeth may seem more cosmetic for some. But, it does offer an improved oral health. Missing teeth allow tooth decay and gum disease to occur. This is possible because the natural teeth begin to shift which creates difficult to clean areas. Also, some teeth are now more exposed to bacteria which adds to the development of plaque and tartar. Patients can avoid extra dental work by simply replacing their missing teeth sooner.


What is the process?

Dental Bridge Haverhill MA | Patients can replace missing adjacent teeth with a dental bridge by anchoring it to existing teeth or dental implants. The receiving natural teeth are shaped to fit the crown and the dental implants use an abutment instead. Once the dental bridge is ready to be fixed, we use cement to secure it.

How long can my dental bridge last?

Dental bridges can last up to 15 years with proper dental care.

How should I maintain my dental bridge?

Normal tooth brushing and flossing is all that is needed. Visit us for your routine exams and cleanings as well.

Are there diet restrictions?

Dental bridges allow normal eating. Now, we do recommend avoiding hard food and candy to prevent damage. Should you notice any changes to the dental bridge, notify us right away. Left uncorrected, the underlying teeth, gum, and implants can become infected.

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