Comprehensive Dental Exam

A comprehensive dental exam is the advantage to better oral health. This thorough examination observes more than your teeth and gums. It involves the complete spectrum of oral health like oral cancer, teeth positioning, bruxism, jaw joint, and facial bone condition. A comprehensive dental exam is completed for new patients before assessing treatments and recommended every 3 years for existing patients.


Comprehensive dental exam includes an evaluation of:

  • Teeth condition
  • Previous dental work (fillings, crowns, root canals, etc.)
  • Signs of cavities
  • Gum condition
  • Periodontal disease and pocket depth
  • Oral cancer screening (white lesions and blocked salivary glands)
  • Cysts
  • Bite alignment
  • Signs of bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding)
  • Jaw joint
  • Overall facial and jaw bone structure, condition and function

During your examination, we will ask questions regarding your medical history, medication, daily dental hygiene, and review X-rays. Not all treatments are recommended for patients that take certain medication or suffer from particular health conditions. Understanding this information helps narrow the best and most effective dental treatments for your smile and overall health. In addition, dental X-rays are necessary to review your current oral health. It depicts a clear image of underlying issues. Dental X-rays reveal cavities, fractures, teeth impaction, decay, and bone loss. Upon our findings, we then discuss current issues, concerns, and recommended treatments.

Why is a comprehensive dental exam important?

Comprehensive dental exams are important because avoiding your oral health leads to other health issues. Poor oral health has been linked to issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, oral cancer and more. Reduce your chances of affecting your overall health today with a comprehensive dental exam.

Start today.

Understanding your current oral health determines which dental treatments will be the most effective. Also, we will detect issues early on which is more affordable and quicker to resolve than waiting until it progresses. Schedule your comprehensive dental exam today! Call (978) 373-1231 or book an appointment online now.

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