What to Expect When Visiting Your Dentist


When you first visit your dentist, there are obvious things that you should expect regardless of the procedure you are going for. Therefore, you should not be surprised when the dentist starts to do something that was not in your initial plan for the visit. Whether you are a regular or you are visiting the dentist for the first time, here are some basic things that you should expect from the visit.

Comprehensive Examination

When you get to a dentist’s office, the first thing to expect is a thorough examination for the dentist to offer the proper diagnosis and suitable treatment plan. This also helps the dentist to familiarize yourself with your dental health. Therefore, it will be easy for the dentist to administer treatment based on your dental formation. Some of the examinations include:

  • Periodontal examination- This is among the leading causes of tooth loss in the US. Therefore, when you first visit the dentist, they will perform a close analysis of your gum tissues. The examination will help in detecting the disease while at its first stages, hence eliminate chances of it spreading to bone loss. 
  • Caries examination- Caries examination helps ion locating areas of decay between the teeth and on the chewing surfaces. The dentist can use both x-rays and clinical exams to determine the best treatment plan for you. 
  • Oral cancer screening- people who use tobacco are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. This will help to administer appropriate treatment before the cancerous condition spreads to the unmanageable stage. 
  • Head and neck examination- it may be surprising to see your dentist performing head and neck examination. As much as you might think it is not within their line of treatment, this examination will help them notice any lymph nodes, saliva glands, and temporomandibular (jaw) joint problems. Therefore, the dentist will look at your lips, neck, and face to see whether there are abnormalities for farther treatment.

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Routine Dental Cleaning

Your hygienist will here monitor your oral health based on the records collected. The dentist will, therefore, recommend the most appropriate cleaning procedure that will benefit both your teeth and gums. Additionally, when the cleaning is done right, the dentist will then recommend a personalized prevention plan that will help you maintain oral hygiene between visits. However, after the first visit, the dentist will plan and book you for cleaning appointments depending on the condition they see during the first visit.

Dental Observation

Most dental visits are geared towards correcting a particular dental condition. However, when you first visit the dentist, they will first need to monitor your dental formula, observe your teeth alignment, and so on. This will help the dentist to know what to treat or recommend for farther treatment I case you were not prepared. Additionally, by observing your dental alignment, it gets easy for the dentist to know where to start administering medication and which procedure will work best based on your condition. At this point, the dentist will also get to know if your teeth are sensitive and what you need. After all, the main aim of visiting a dentist is to ensure they improve your smile and give you a reason to be confident.

Dental treatment involves a lot of procedures. There are some that work best with particular teeth type while there are others that don’t. Additionally, not all conditions will require going through a robust procedure. Some cases may be more simple than others.


Of course, the first visit helps you learn about different dental procedures. There is no much to expect in terms of treatment, but rather in communication. The dentist will advise on the importance of particular procedures geared for your smile. The information you receive is customized to your dental goals.


There is so much involved with every first visit.  Whenever you go to the dentist, ensure to follow keenly to their instructions, and always go with an open mindset. Different dentists perform their examinations differently, and the sequence will always vary. 

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