Cosmetic Dentistry: 5 Best Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry Haverhill MA

Many people aspire to have a perfect smile. However, some patients are concerned with their teeth for various reasons. Smiles can be affected by teeth discoloration, teeth alignment, or positioning. For this reason, many patients consider cosmetic dentistry. The specialty focuses on the improvement of dental aesthetics. In other words, the appearance of the mouth is improved. Read on to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and contact us today!

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a perfect smile will go a long way to improve your self-confidence. Various situations need different cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patients. In addition, patients will be recommended different treatments to achieve their ideal smile. Below are the five best treatments in cosmetic dentistry;

Dental Veneers

Made of porcelain or a combination of composite material, veneers are thin shells that are routinely fit to the frontal area on the tooth. This procedure corrects crooked, discolored, and chipped teeth. Sometimes this process is used to cover spaces between the teeth. Likewise,  cover up the imperfections and fit precisely over your teeth, replacing them entirely.

cosmetic dentistry haverhill ma

Teeth Whitening

As you go through life, various daily actions may cause teeth discoloration. Drinking tea, wine, coffee, smoking, and aging are causes of teeth discoloring. The teeth can be bleached and whitened restoring the original color. Of course, it is essential to consult your dentist to know if your teeth could benefit from cosmetic whitening.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is primarily designed to replace a missing tooth. Implants made of titanium, are surgically placed into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth. Also, it is designed to anchor a crown, bridge, or support dentures.

Gum grafting and Laser Gum Therapy

When your smile reveals more gum than the expected pearly white, you may need laser treatment. The dentist can use safe laser treatment to lift the gum. In addition, the dentist can treat receding gums, by collecting the tissues from somewhere else in the mouth and putting a graft on to the area of recession. 

Dental bridges

This procedure is done by attaching an artificial tooth and putting a crown on either side. The bridge is permanent and not removable. They are made of precious metals and bonded to porcelain to enhance their strength.  However, some cases call for the use of non-precious metals.

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Overall, cosmetic dentistry is a great option for those that want to improve their smile.  Speak with our cosmetic dentist to learn more about your options. In addition, Gentle Family Dental Care offers an array of dental treatments. Moreover, new and existing patients may call 978-518-8641 or book an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you.


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