What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental Emergency Haverhill MA

Dental Emergency | Accidents happen in all spheres of our lives. One area that many people, at times, overlook are accidents related to the oral cavity. In fact, dental accidents occur every day. A facial hit, fall or knock can lead to gum bleeding, a missing tooth or teeth, or damage to the dental cavity. Knowing the dangers and what to do when faced with such accidents is an essential part of prevention and management.

What is a dental emergency?

By definition, a dental emergency is any emerging issue relating to the orthodontal cavity and related structures requiring urgent and immediate intervention by a qualified and experienced professional dentist. As a matter of urgency, professionalism, and proper management, all dental emergencies require the attention, guidance, and supervision of qualified dental health personnel. The skilled and trained dentist will ensure prudent management and the prevention of further damage to the affected orthodontal cavity and related tissues.

dental emergency haverhill ma


Not all dental related conditions are considered as dental emergencies. Certain factors stand out and should alert someone to seek immediate attention from a qualified and experienced dentist. The elements to look out for include the following;

  • Throbbing, constant and severe toothache that is unresponsive to the necessary painkillers
  • A loose tooth as a result of a fall or knock requires urgent medical attention
  • Bleeding from the gums, especially of sudden onset and that does not resolve easily
  • An impending infection with features suggestive of the same, including pain, swelling or discharge from the gums or the root of the tooth
  • A missing tooth as a result of a fall or facial knock requires medical attention to replace the missing teeth and arrest the possible bleeding.

Generally speaking, a dental emergency is one that requires urgent management to arrest bleeding, alleviate severe pain, save a tooth from further damage and treatment of infections. The mentioned signs and symptoms will require immediate treatment, failure to which can result in deterioration of the condition and might even become life-threatening.

Common dental emergencies

Several conditions are common, occurring more often on a global scale. Some of the most common emergencies that require urgent medical attention include the following;

  • Knocked-out tooth or teeth resulting from a fall, kick or knock
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Tooth infection sometimes characterized by a tooth abscess
  • Severe toothaches

Avoiding dental emergencies

To prevent dental emergencies, one needs to stay proactive of their oral hygiene. In addition, maintaining routine dental check-ups are also essential. Learn more by contacting Gentle Family Dental Care. Our office offers an array of dental treatments including dental emergency care. New and existing patients may call 978-373-1231 or book an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you.

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