What are Dentures?

There is a common notion that dentures are only for the elderly but nothing can be further from the truth. Anyone may need dentures, regardless of age. For example, it is not uncommon for younger adults to use this form of teeth replacement. If you are considering dentures, contact us. We also offer other teeth replacement options. In the meantime, learn more about dentures below.

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What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable mouth appliances that replace some or all teeth. Patients may be recommended complete or partial sets. 


A complete set is fitted to work as a replacement for all human teeth. Like a partial denture, full dentures are also removable. They are fixed either on the upper part or lower part of the gum line. The dentures are fixed by pressure with the assistance of a dental paste to make them stay firmly in the correct position.

A complete denture may be required promptly or be a non-emergency. The traditional denture is normally used when all outstanding teeth have been removed, and soft tissues are cured. After the soft tissues have healed and recovered, the set is created. Sometimes they may be fitted to replace a temporary denture that was previously fitted to serve for a short-term period.


Partial are used after the remaining natural teeth are too weak to offer solid reinforcement to structures like dental bridges. They fix on the area around the gum line that they lay on and are attached close to the other teeth to prevent them from detaching from their fixed position. However, a patient can take them out if required for routine cleaning and during the night when one falls asleep as they sit temporarily in the mouth, unlike natural teeth.


A denture requires regular cleaning because microorganism and plaque also crop up on them and may damage the remaining set of natural teeth and gum line. To keep them in hygienic conditions, carefully remove them and rinse them with sparkling water to remove food elements that are trapped among the teeth, gum line and beneath the denture. After that, clean the structure with a smooth toothbrush, moderate soap, and a denture cleaner. When the cleaning process is complete, ensure its appropriately rinsed. Wipe out the gums and remaining natural teeth if any when your set is not in the mouth using a lean and smooth toothbrush as well as toothpaste with fluoride components if required.

It is important to note when going to bed, you need to remove the set to prevent them from getting destroyed and give the gums some time to relax. Dip them entirely in water whose temperature is slightly higher than room temperatures to prevent them from dehydration and shape malfunction. Only use recommended a denture solution for washing your set.

Dentures are very useful since they improve the look and smile of a person with multiple missing teeth and it also maintains a good mouth structure by supporting the structures around the lips and cheeks. Also, they make it possible to eat foods that need chewing which helps you keep up with your diet and to be healthy. Lastly, your set can be a viable alternative to troublesome teeth that cause serious pain and oral health issues.  

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